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How does Sampension conduct its Investments?

Sampension Livsforsikring A/S (Sampension) is the parent company of the group and invests directly in a range of financial instruments such as bonds, equities and financial derivatives as well as in property or other real assets. The group also invests in a range of externally managed investment funds.

Sampension organises its investments in a number of portfolios (internal funds) with specific investment guidelines. It has separate cash and custodial accounts for these portfolios, but they are all assets of the same legal entity. Similarly, ISDA-covered financial derivatives are booked in a number of these internal funds but are all operated under the same ISDA between each relevant counterparty and Sampension.

Sampension also conducts its investment activities through a range of subsidiaries of which most are wholly owned and controlled by Sampension. These subsidiaries include Sampension Forestry K/S, Sampension Global Real Estate K/S, Sampension Private Equity K/S and Sampension Structured Credit K/S which are all controlled through Komplementarselskabet Alternative Investments ApS, the general partner (GP).

Komplementarselskabet Alternative Investments Aps operates under separate powers of procuration and special powers of attorney but is managed and administered by Sampension Administrationsselskab A/S.