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If your occupational capacity is reduced

Your pension plan provides you with coverage if your occupational capacity is reduced with more than 50%.

If you are no longer able to hold your job

Your disability cover is based on your salary. That means you are eligible to receive up to 80% (basic cover) of your current pensionable salary if your occupational capacity is reduced by 50%, either temporarily or permanently.

The benefits we pay out to you will be offset against any social benefits or other salary income you may have. The benefit indicated is the maximum amount to be paid out from your pension plan.

The basic cover provides good fundamental cover that most people will find sufficient, but it is possible to adjust your cover. You can reduce the cover to 60% of your current salary or increase up to 90%.

If payments stop

If you do not work any more because of illness, it is important that you decide what should happen to your pension plan.

You will have 12 months to decide what to do with your pension plan as from the date your employer stops payment. If you want to ask us about your options, it is important that you contact us well in advance of the date your cover terminates.

Get our advice

As part of your pension plan, Sampension can give you advice and guidance on various matters, such as:

  • Your options as well as the rules governing absence due to illness
  • The collaboration between you, your employer and your local authority
  • What measures are available to help you remain on the labour market
  • What will happen to your pension plan during your illness or on the termination of your employment.

If you lose your occupational capacity and you wish to make a claim under your plan, call a pension adviser in Sampension.