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Preparing for retirement

There are a number of issues you should consider before you retire. How are you covered and what benefits will you receive? Will you need to receive benefits from us to complement your early retirement benefits (efterløn). What are the consequences? What do we need to know before we can pay out your benefits?

Benefits paid on your retirement

You may be nearing your retirement age, and you may begin to think about retiring soon.

You can see from your pension overview the earliest date benefits can be paid out from your pension plan. You can also see how much you will receive from your plan.

Starting your benefits is easy

You can start receiving your pension benefit when you no longer contribute to your pension plan, provided you have attained the 'earliest pensionable age' under your plan. Contact us if you wish to start receiving your pension benefits.

We will pay your benefits to your 'NemKonto' bank account. We will draw your secondary tax card information from the Danish Tax and Customs Administration. If we require your primary tax card, we will ask you to send us the information.

What you should know if you want to start receiving benefits under your plan:

  • Your group life insurance cover usually terminates when you begin receiving pension benefits. In many cases, you will be able to retain group life cover. Click here to read more about continuation of coverage insurance.
  • If your annual benefits amount is less than DKK 9,900, your regular pension benefits (life-long retirement pension, fixed-term retirement pension and instalment pension) are generally converted into a lump sum payment.
  • You may be entitled to Delpension (partial pension) benefits. Call us to learn more about Delpension.
  • The benefits you receive from your pension plan may influence any early retirement benefits you may receive.

Seek advice to learn about your options

Please feel free to contact a Sampension pension adviser if you have any questions about your pension.

We also have social services advisers who can advise you on how best to combine your pension plan, early retirement benefits and/or old-age pension.