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Your health insurance

A health insurance policy lets you seek help as soon as you notice the first signs of health problems or if you need to consult a healthcare professional for treatment or specific assistance to help you stay in your job.

Our health insurance gives you access to advice, preventive measures and treatment. With our health insurance, you can get:

Advice if you are absent due to illness - We will help you navigate the rules and options for getting support if you are absent from work due to illness.

Our health and wellness hotline - Where you can anonymously seek advice on everything from personal problems to work-related issues.

Preventive measures through online programmes - You can test your ‘health rate’ or find inspiration for exercises and training using LifeBalance programmes, such as Mindre stress (reduce stress), Rygestop (quit smoking), Lidt sundere (healthy living) and Drik mindre (Cut down on your drinking).

Combination treatment - Get help to prevent and treat diseases or injuries from physiothera-pists, masseurs, reflexologists, chiropractors or acupuncturists.

Treatment insurance - covering medical specialist treatment, surgery, post-surgery treatment and examinations at hospitals or clinics, rehabilitation therapy, substance abuse rehabilitation, psychiatrist or psychologist treatment.

Help to combat absence due to long-term illness – We can design a programme for you based on your current situation. The programme may cover advisory consultation or treatment. Its purpose is to get you back on your job as soon as possible.

Further information

You can sign your spouse up for a health insurance. The cost is DKK 1,735 kr per year. Please contact Sampension.

Your children are also covered by your health insurance.

Har du allerede en sundhedsforsikring, kan du med fordel opsige den inden udgangen af november 2014.

Du kan tilmelde din ægtefælle til Skandias Lifeline sundhedsforsikring her. Prisen er 1.735 kr årligt.

Din sundhedsforsikring har kollektiv børnedækning, så du skal ikke tilmelde eventuelle børn.