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How we invest your savings

We invest your savings according to your age - learn more about over generation pools.

Your pension plan is a so-called lifecycle product. That means we place your savings in a number of investment pools depending on your age. We call these generation pools. For each generation pool, investments are placed in three base funds containing bonds, equities or alternative investments (such as property or forestry). The purpose of the generation pools is to allow us to always align the investments we make on your behalf with your age.

If your retirement is many years into the future, we will mainly invest your savings in equities. The nearer you get to your retirement date the more conservative our investment approach becomes, meaning the more we will invest in bonds. The illustration below shows how we automatically reduce the investment risk as you get older.

Investment returns from generation pools may vary. Returns are added to or deducted from your savings monthly, as appropriate. You can monitor the returns on your savings on sampension.dk/afkast (in Danish only).

Chose your investment profile

Unless you instruct us otherwise, we will place your savings in the generational pool that matches your age with a 'high risk' investment profile (if you were employed before January 1, 2017 your investment profile is 'moderate risk'). You are free to change your investment profile. Please contact us if you wish to do so.