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Who is your beneficiary?

It is important that you consider who your beneficiary should be in the event of your death. Your pension overview shows the benefits that will be paid out if you die.

A typical pension plan with Sampension includes a death benefit and a guarantee for the savings amount in your instalment pension plan, but what about your beneficiary? You have three options:

Your next of kin

If you have not named a beneficiary in the event of your death, we will disburse the benefits to your next of kin.

Your 'next of kin' are the following persons, ranked in the following order:

1. Your spouse or registered partner

2. Your cohabitant, who

  • cohabits with you at a joint residence at the time of your death if your cohabitant is either expecting, has or has had a child with you, or
  • has co-habited with you in a marital-like relationship during the two years preceding the time of your death.

3. Your children or their issue (children, grandchildren, etc., but not stepchildren)

4. Your heirs named in your will

5. Your heirs as per the Danish Inheritance Act.

Preferential beneficiary

If 'next of kin' does not apply to your situation, you may designate one or more beneficiaries. You can change your beneficiary by filling in a beneficiary designation form. Please contact us if you would like us to send you a beneficiary designation form.

No beneficiary

If you wish your benefits to be paid to your estate, you can withdraw a beneficiary designation. Contact us to learn more.