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Is your pension plan right for you?

As a new customer with us it might be worth your while to spend a little time getting to understand your pension plan. You will make the most of your pension plan if it matches your financial needs.

You have several coverage plans to choose from, and you can combine them to match your needs and wishes. We call that Valgpension (optional pension). Consider these issues when you decide how your pension plan should be set up:

  • What would your financial situation be if you were to lose your job due to illness or injury.
  • What would your family's financial situation be if you were to die?
  • How do you wish to live in retirement, and how long should your pension last?

To find out how you can best use our Valgpension solution, we recommend that you consult our advisers.

It won't cost you extra

If you wish to increase your illness or death cover, it won't cost you extra. Instead, we will change the allocation of your current contributions to Valgpension. We will then lower your retirement savings forecast to reflect this new allocation, because it means you will be paying less to your retirement savings. Naturally, you can also choose to increase your contribution, so your retirement savings are not reduced.

In certain circumstances you will be required to fill in a statement of health if you change your pension plan.