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Do you want a larger pension pot?

It is important that your retirement savings match your expectations. Your pension overview shows the benefits you will receive when you retire.

If your retirement savings do not meet your needs and wishes, you can increase your pension pot through a voluntary contribution through our Frivillig Pension solution. Even a small amount can go a long way!

You would do well to consider increasing your contribution, if:

  • you were late in starting to save for your retirement;
  • there have been periods when you have not made pension contributions (for example, during maternity leave, as a student, or during periods of unemployment);
  • you are only making small contributions (for example if you work part-time)
  • you have no other pension plans and are not eligible for early retirement benefits (efterløn).

Increasing your contribution is easy

All you have to do is let us know that you wish to make a voluntary contribution. We will then prepare a quote for you.

Your employer will deduct the extra contribution from your salary before tax. You will not have to file the extra contribution with the Danish Custom and Tax Administration. You can choose to stop your extra contribution at any time.