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Get your pension plan off to a good start

As a new customer with Sampension, you need to consider five simple issues about your pension plan on our checklist. That will get your pension plan off to a good start.

If you are new to our pension plan we recommend that you review the checklist. We also recommend that you contact one of our advisers or book an advisory meeting, so you can review the five issues together.

Five issues you should consider:

Do you want to combine your pensions?

If you combine your pensions, it will make your pension easier to manage and you will reduce your administration costs.

Is your pension plan right for you?

You may choose to increase the benefits you will receive should you become ill or that we pay out if you die. You can also make changes to your retirement savings plan or change your investment profile. We recommend that you review your plan to make sure your pension solution is right for you.

Do you want to increase your pension pot?

Your pension and insurance overview shows the benefits we expect to pay out to you when you retire. If you want a bigger pension pot, you may choose to increase your contributions.

Do you have an instalment pension?

You can contribute up to DKK 51,700 to an instalment pension for the 2015 calendar year. Because your new pension plan with Sampension has an instalment pension component, it is important that you contact us if you have paid to another term-life policy in the same year, either through a former employer or a personal plan.

Who is your beneficiary?

You will need to fill in a statement naming your beneficiary if that person is not your next of kin.