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How your pension plan works

As a new customer with Sampension, you need to consider five simple issues about your pension plan in the checklist below. That will get your pension plan off to a good start.

Contributions to your pension plan make up a fixed percentage of your salary. Your new pension plan with Sampension consists of three components:

Your pension overview shows your pension benefits when you reach retirement age, and your insurance cover. Accompanying the pension overview is a presentation of what your health insurance covers.

A variety of options

You will have a good basic package when you join our pension plan, even before you choose your individual insurance covers and how your pension savings should be managed. Your pension plan, 3 i 1 Livspension, consists of three components:

  • Basispension (mandatory cover)
  • Valgpension (optional cover)
  • Linkpension (lets you manage your own investments)
Basispension has mandatory cover. You cannot opt out of the mandatory cover, but in some cases the predefined cover can be reduced.

Valgpension lets you choose your cover to supplement Basispension, so you can individualise your pension plan to your specific needs.